Authenticity & Integrity

The Daisy is our signature flower.  When she speaks, she says “Just be yourself and don’t worry about how others see you.’

So what you see is what you get.

  • No gimmicks. 

  • No hidden agendas.

  • No monkey business.

If you are looking for “the real deal”, you have found it.

We our proud to offer you a selection of natural products that will enhance your daily living and promote your healthy lifestyle.

Daisy Flower

Our Work Vibe

Jenkins Sunshine Farm LLC is owned and operated by Jim and Lisa Jenkins and was established in 2004.  We are located near Montgomery Texas, on a lovely little country road, in an area that is still mostly undeveloped. 

Being surrounded by nature keeps us grounded in our lives and beliefs.  We are stewards of the land and have concern for the environment. We strive to keep our footprint small and we care for our piece of the pie.

When you purchase from Jenkins Sunshine Farm LLC, you are choosing to support an ethical and sustainable way of life.

St. Croix Sheep​

The Farm

The property is just under 12 acres and is mostly grazing area for the registered herd of St Croix Hair Sheep and their guardian donkeys Jenny and Delilah.

There are also barn areas that house chickens, rabbits, and ducks.

The gardens are filled with vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants.

Our greenhouse is a rain water sourced aquaponics system that incorporates the growing of plants with the help of fish.

Jenkins Sunshine Natural Skincare Product

The Product Line

Jenkins Sunshine Farm LLC has over 10 years of experience in the production of natural skincare and healthy living products.  Our production facility is on the farm. It also acts as a retail space for sampling and shopping.

All our products are original formulas that have been designed and developed, by Lisa, with the specific intent for effectiveness and practicality. Production occurs in small batches for purposes of freshness and accuracy.

Our extensive research and development ensures that each item is the result of a well thought out process with:

  • attention to ingredient detail 

  • understanding of individual needs

  • intent for performance

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