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All-Natural Artisan Bar Soap

Our all natural soap bars are handcrafted in small batches. We pay special attention to, not only what is in the bars, but also what is NOT in the bars. We always use only the highest quality ingredients that contain no harmful chemicals.

When you purchase a natural bar soap, from Sown Harvest, you can be assured…

  • You will be cleansing with all natural plant oils.

  • You will not be applying artificial colors, fillers, or preservatives to your skin.

  • You will feel confident when bathing your children and even infants

  • Your skin will be pampered by a rich and moisturizing lather that will not strip the natural oils from your body.

  • Bath time will be filled with fragrances that are natural and healthy for your body inside and out.

Our natural soap is formulated to assist with some common skin ailments that can appear as an irritated or disturbed area. When you check the ingredients you will NOT find…

  • Triclosan, a pesticide with antibacterial properties.

  • Dioxane, a carcinogenic chemical that is also toxic to the brain, liver, and kidneys.

  • Sodium laurel sulfate, a chemical linked to skin irritation, organ toxicity, hormonal disruptions, and mood disorders.

  • Diethanolamine, easily absorbed through your skin, and when combined with the nitrate preservatives commonly added to soaps creates nitrosodiethanolamine (or NDEA).  NDEA is a potent carcinogenic, and it is most strongly linked to the development of kidney and liver cancers.

  • Formaldehyde, which weakens the immune system, leading to a reduced resistance to disease, and it can also cause respiratory disorders, chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, and an irregular heartbeat.

  • Parabens can boost a woman’s risk of developing any form of breast cancer because parabens mimic the action of the hormone estrogen).  Parabens can also cause neurological problems by way of nervous system toxicity. 

  • Fragrance, which when printed on a soap label can be extremely misleading, as this often means that up to thousands of different chemicals have been added in order to create the special smell of the soap.

Our natural soap formulas can be viewed when you click on the details of our soap selections. Read the ingredients and decide for yourself. We think you and your skin will be pleased.

  • Baby Bubble.jpg

    Artisan All-Natural Bar Soap | Baby Bubbles

  • Artisan All-Natural Bar Soap | Black Forest

  • DSC_3958_edited.JPG

    Artisan All-Natural Bar Soap | Brown Beans (Coffee)

  • DSC_3956_edited.JPG
    Sold out

    Artisan All-Natural Bar Soap | Chai Spice

  • Artisan All-Natural Bar Soap | Cool Water

  • Artisan All-Natural Bar Soap | Cucumber & Aloe

  • Artisan All-Natural Bar Soap | Eucalyptus & Salt

  • 100_0633.JPG
    Sold out

    Artisan All-Natural Bar Soap | Fairy Fresh

A Note from Brandi:

You might notice there are some soap bars missing from our page....

That means we had a great year and it's time to make soap!

Check back in a couple of months and hopefully we will be restocked.

I'm workin' on it!

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