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    Damiana Tea 1 oz (loose tea)

  • Decongesting Tea 1 oz (loose tea)

  • Immune Support 1oz (loose tea)

  • Namas Tea 1 oz (loose tea)

  • Spiced Hibiscus Tea 1oz (loose tea)

  • The Big Chill Herbal Tea 1oz (loose tea)

  • Tranquil Tea 1 oz (loose tea)


Each of our signature tea blend are handmade with a carefully crafted selection of certified organic herbs; mixed for functionality and taste.   

Consuming herbal teas is a wonderful way to address imbalance in the body.  Interestingly, individual herbs contain multiple constituents that help to correct illness, discomfort, anxiety, and more.  Unlike modern medicine, that is formulated to address a single concern, herbs are able to send many messages to neurotransmitter receptors throughout the body and communicate where and how to help and heal.  Sipping on herbal tea is like giving your entire body a big hug.

Our teas are packaged loose, in tin canisters so you can control the strength of each cup.  


We recommend 2 tsp for an 8 oz serving.  Each canister will offer you approximately 6 – 8 cups of tea.

Steeping tip: strain tea with fine wire-mesh strainer.

Try and one of our tea blends for health and wellbeing.

Sip. Breath. Repeat.

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