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If you can’t be there, send some help with love to get well soon.

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Whether it’s a cold with congestion or maybe allergy problems; sometimes we all just need a little TLC.  Our Get Well Soon Gift Set will send that message to someone in need of some tender loving care.

A nice hot soak in the tub with our Eucalyptus Bath Salts can really do the trick.  Made with Mediterranean sea salt, baking soda, citric acid, and eucalyptus essential oil, this salt will assist with congestion, muscle aches, and relaxation.  Keeping the water really hot will help to sweat out a fever and a long soak will allow the body to absorb all the goodness.  This set includes a 3 oz tube of salt.

A warm cup of Decongesting Tea assists with  breaking up mucus in the head and chest.  The blend of certified organic herbs will help to relax and sooth stuffiness and coughing due to excess mucus and drainage.  There are generous amounts of peppermint and elecampagne to help do the work.  2oz loose tea

And if the throat is dry, scratchy, and raw one might try a little Sore Throat Tea.  Licorice root, marshmallow, and slippery elm to moisturize and soothe.  Cinnamon and ginger to warm the body, and sage to help fight bacteria.  And of course all certified organic herbs.  2oz loose tea

Lastly, a spritz of Peppermint Cooling Mist can cool the face and neck to assist with feelings of heat.  Just spritz it on the face and neck then take a deep breath of peppermint.  The aromatherapy benefits of peppermint are many; including assisting with nausea, headaches, muscle pain and more.  Spritz sparingly for a cooling effect or spray a lot to create warmth on the skins surface.




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