Full Spectrum Hemp infused Bath Salts 140 mg

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Aromatic bath salts for intense or chronic pain and muscle soreness.

When the body suffers from an illness, over-medication, and muscle stiffness, soreness, or tightness; a salt bath can help to soothe your skin, relax your muscles, and draw toxins from your body. This unique salt bath contains full spectrum hemp extract; well known to help manage pain and stress.

Made with natural ingredients:

Citric Acid is known to assist in balancing uneven skin tone and sloughing off dead skin cells, promoting new skin growth.

Baking Soda raises the alkalinity of your bathwater, which helps to soothe irritation, itchiness, redness, and removes toxins from your body. With the added benefit of calming sore muscles, reducing UTI discomfort, and antifungal properties, baking soda is a must-have addition to your next soak.

Mediterranean Sea Salt helps to keep your body hydrated, reduce fluid retention, ease muscle tension, as well as detoxify the body, soften skin, and reduce stress, soreness, and pain.

Orange Essential Oil has aromatherapy properties that are anti-depressants that can increase energy and mood. Orange oil can help fight acne and inflammation, promote better digestion, freshen the air you breathe and can improve the appearance of skin.

Lemon Essential Oil also has aromatherapy properties that help to relieve nausea and elevate your mood. This natural disinfectant can help boost the immune system function, alleviate stress, shrink pores, and reduce stress. Lemon is a natural antimicrobial astringent and will help to treat skin conditions and aid in sebum overproduction.

With 14 mg of hemp extract per oz, sure to relax and soothe your body after a hard day.

Hemp oil extract derived from organically grown hemp plants.

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Contains Mediterranean sea salt, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), olea europaea (olive) oil, certified organic hemp oil extract, and our proprietary essential oil blend.

Contains less than 0.3% THC. 10 oz.

Hemp oil extract derived from organically grown hemp plants.

The container contains 140 mg full spectrum hemp extract.

14 mg hemp per oz. 3 oz container.

Directions for Use

Add the desired amount into a bath. Allow to dissolve. Soak. Relax.

Full-size bath suggestion: 1/2 – 1 cup.

Bag contains approximately 2 cups bath salt.

14 mg CBD per 1 wt oz.

1oz = 3 Level Tables

2 reviews for Full Spectrum Hemp infused Bath Salts 140 mg

  1. Sheena Garcia (verified owner)

    I love taking an Epsom salt bath especially when I’ve had a long day. Using this bath salt with the hemp extract helped to relieve stress and reduce the tension.

  2. Lbanes (verified owner)

    Oh my! So relaxing! we do not run out of this!

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