Relax & Rest Gift Set


Give the gift of relaxation to you or someone you know who just needs a chance to just chill.

This gift offers a 10% bundle discount.

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Give the gift of a good nights sleep or just a chance to chill.

This gift set includes some of our most relaxing products.

Start with a cup of Big Chill Tea; an amazing blend of certified organic herbs in our signature tea blend meant to encourage a calm mind and body.  One warm cup of tea before bed or during a time of intense anxiety or frustration can assist with relaxation.  Don’t forget to take some deep breathes and find your zen.  Gift contains 2oz loose tea.

Next, draw up a nice warm bath and pour in a healthy measure of our fizzy Hemp Infused Bath Salts.  The wonderful scent of orange and lemon essential oils will help to calm and restore a sense of balance.  The full spectrum oil will slowly soak into the skin and help to relax your body.  And don’t forget the Mediterranean sea salt to help release muscle tension and draw out toxins.  Be sure to soak for at least 20 minutes to get the full effect.

Lastly, the cherry on top is our Hemp Infused Belgian Chocolate.  This special treat is perfect as you lie down to sleep or nap.  It will help to shed those last little pins and needles that have been pestering you.  Let the chocolate melt in your mouth and enjoy the rich flavor with full spectrum oil.  This set includes 2 chocolates.



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