• Aromatherapy Rollerballs

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    Diffuser Oil | Electronic Diffuser | 1oz

  • Diffuser Oil | Skeeter Mist | 1oz

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    Full Spectrum Hemp Extract | Oil

  • Herbal Powder | Adaptogen Blend

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    Herbal Tea Blend | Damiana

  • Herbal Tea Blend | Decongest

  • Herbal Tea Blend | Immuni-Tea

  • Herbal Tea Blend | Spiced Hibiscus

  • Herbal Tea Blend | Tranquili-Tea

  • Herbal Tea Blend | Unwind Namas-Tea

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    Moisture Mist

  • Room Scent Spray

  • Organic Raw Cosmetic Clay

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    Tea Tree Oil 1oz




inhalation or bodily application of fragrant essential oils (as from flowers and fruits) for therapeutic purposes

  • We love natural fragrances.

  • Each essential oil and natural aroma compound formula has specific components that promote health and well being.

  • Our blends are chosen with great care and attention to source and safety.

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are the pure and natural essence of plant material.  This plant material can be any of many things; leaves, flowers, twigs, roots, bark, seeds, and peels of fruit to name a few.  The entire chemical profile of the material is what determines it’s scent and quality.

What is a natural aroma compound?​

​​Natural aroma compounds are created by isolating a specific compound from a complex scent, such as a rose.  This single scent is called an isolate.  This isolate is a single chemical, isolated from a plant that is real and not man-made.  Once isolates are extracted, they can then be combined with other isolates to creat a unique blend which is in fact a combination of single scents. 

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