Our Body Dust recently traveled to the UK for The Green Parent Magazine's Beauty Bible competition.

It won a Bronze in the Natural Beauty Award for deodorant!
The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards

At Sown Harvest we make body powder without talc.  It is an old-fashioned concept that is returning in popularity.  Its origins proceed deodorant and like many old fashion practices, it is actually better for you.

We make the best talc free body powder because…

  • You and your family will be exposed to absolutely NO Talc.

  • You will be applying a plant-based product, not minerals or chemicals.

  • You can feel good about putting it on your baby’s bottom.

  • You will love how it absorbs moisture from those areas that tend to be damp.

  • You won’t have to worry about chaffing.

  • You will instantly go from damp and sticky to soft and silky smooth.

When you buy our talc free body powder, it comes with a handmade powder puff.  These dusting powder puffs are made with 100% cotton fabrics and are machine washable.  We also offer a deluxe body powder puff for those with deluxe bodies or just want that extra pampering when powdering.

Sown Harvest’s Talc Free Body Powder comes in pure essential oil and natural aroma compound combinations.  Choose from our selection of perfumed body powder for the whole family. 

We invite you to offer your customers an old/new way to control body moisture.

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