The Farm offers a variety of products to the surrounding communities.

We have a selection of livestock that is available for purchase.  All sales are conducted on the property and an appointment is required.  If you are interested in purchasing livestock or checking produce availability, please contact Jim at 832-443-5667.  He will be happy to discuss prices and breeds.

St. Croix Sheep​

St. Croix Sheep

In the past, we have raised goats but through research and hard knocks, we have found that goats do not thrive in our hot and humid climate where parasites tend to increase the mortality rate. The St Croix Sheep, which originated in the Caribbean Islands, are much more adaptable to our area.  They do require an initial worming treatment in the early stage of life, but generally that is all.  They are very parasite resistant.

The St Croix sheep have minimal feeding requirements which make them ideal for small farming and production of grass fed meat.  The primary purpose for this breed is for meat.  Their fine grained, low fat meat is mild and superior in texture and flavor.  They are non-selective grazers and can help manage difficult terrain and have few hoof problems.

This haired sheep has no need for shearing.  During the winter, they will put on a thick winter coat that will then shed when the season turns warm.  They don’t have horns.  They are instinctually superb mothers and can be bread year-a-round.  The breed is overall calm and gentle with no aggressive tendencies.

The St Croix Hair Sheep International Association, of which our sheep are registered, takes careful consideration in continuing the heritage of the St Croix, and maintains original breed standards in high regard.


We raise TAMUK rabbits which is a breed designed by Texas A&M University Kingsville.  Whether you live in the city or the country, rabbits require little space and minimal care.  They can provide companionship as a pet, fertilizer for your garden and meat to feed your family.

The TAMUK rabbit was  specically designed to withstand the Texas heat.  We offer a variety of ages and colors and are all available for purchase.  

This breed is an excellent meat rabbit.  They are also know to be excellent reproducers and have exceptional birth rates and mothering instincts.

Laying Hens

Laying Hens

Raising Chickens is another feature of the farm.  Our barns are filled with everything from baby chicks to mature laying hens.

We have a variety of mono and dual purpose chickens that are allowed to free range during the day and are cooped up at night to protect them from predators.

Our laying hens need a safe place to lay their eggs and the pictured box does the trick.   A hen will lay an egg about every 24 to 36 hours and she needs a place to sit and think about it.

The Guardians

Meet Jenny and her daughter Delilah our guardian donkeys.  Their job is to guard the sheep herd from preditors.

They move with the herd and consider the sheep their family.  They will often be seen guiding the sheep in and out if the barn areas and herding them as they graze.

During lambing season, they are always on high alert and will watch over the new lambs as if they were their own.

These animals are very gentle and friendly.  They will come up to humans when called and are often very vocal if not given the attention they feel they deserve

The Guardians​
The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

Our greenhouse is a sustainable aquaponics system.  It is filled with rainwater that is collected from the barn’s rooftop.

There are two 2500 gallon tanks with channel catfish swimming, eating and pooping.  The result is a natural fertilizer, for the plants, that are living in a variety of beds and buckets.

Outside the greenhouse are three more rainwater collection tanks that hold another 10,000 gallons.  This water is left in reserve and moved from tank to tank as needed.

The entire system is a unique, gravity driven design created by Jim.  The research and development for this project was extensive and took about 3 years to complete.  Of course there is always room to expand and improve.

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