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Jenkins Sunshine Farm LLC has over 15 years of experience in the production of natural skincare and healthy living products.  Our production facility is on the farm. It also acts as a retail space for sampling and shopping.

All our products are original formulas that have been designed and developed, by Lisa, with the specific intent for effectiveness and practicality. Production occurs in small batches for purposes of freshness and accuracy.

Our extensive research and development ensures that each item is the result of a well thought out process with:

  • Attention to ingredient detail 
  • Understanding of individual needs
  • Intent for performance

Sunshine Farm

Award Winning

Our Products

  • Good Heart Oil

  • Grave Robber’s Foaming Hand soap

  • Product image
    Sold out

    Apothecary Jar with 10 reeds

  • Arnica Lotion 2 oz

  • Arnica Lotion 4oz

  • Arnica Lotion 8 oz

  • Aromatherapy Bath Salts 10oz

  • Baby Bubble.jpg

    Baby Bubbles Natural Bar Soap


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